Energy Savings

Our solution cuts into the largest area of energy consumption in buildings.


A Costly Activity

Large commercial buildings consume more than 70 billion dollars per year in energy. In the last 30 years their consumption has increased by nearly 50%. The most extensive single area of consumption has been HVAC comprising 41% of building energy expended, totaling 29 billion dollars.

Usually, HVAC systems are set assuming the maximum amount of people are in a room which often results in inefficient overheating or overcooling.

“Through this precision, we are able to produce HVAC energy
savings of 30% on average.”

Making it Smarter

Through an IoT approach, we utilize data fed by sensor network to provide real time information on exactly how many people occupy a room. The crucial sensor data allows us to adjust the HVAC system to deliver targeted settings for that space.

Through this precision, we are able to produce HVAC energy savings of 30% on average.

Whether you’re concerned about reducing carbon emissions or saving money, our IoT system signals a leap forward in HVAC technology.

The Strong Case for HVAC Innovation

HVAC is the single most energy intensive activity in buildings. And that's for a reason. It provides an invaluable service, but there's still room for improvement.

VIDEO: The Complete Alsen HVAC Solution

Here, this video describes the complete Alsen HVAC solution from sensing to output. We increase energy efficiency and improve user satisfaction.

Machine Learning Makes HVAC Magic

Machine Learning algorithms acquiring knowledge from human patterns of behavior offers huge gains in HVAC efficiency and effectivity.

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