Facility Managers

With high rates of satisfaction, you will be relieved to find less complaints. Our technology more effectively fulfills the main purpose of HVAC.

Our system gives the tools and capabilities that will make the job of Facilities manager
easier and more appreciated.

We Make it Easier

We’ve found out how to deliver comfort and uphold safety requirements. Our IoT technology with surveying helps to reduce complaints by bringing these users back into the loop. We make a democracy out of the indoor climate.

Voting on the temperature with our application influences the system so that if everyone agrees it’s a little too warm, then it’ll drop a few degrees. No complaints filed, no call to the facilities manager, no long wait to get someone to come out and manually change things. Just a gradual transition to more pleasant air conditioning. An implementation of this system has resulted in user satisfaction rising 55 points, from 75 percent reporting dissatisfaction to 80 percent of users satisfied.

A Thankless Task

A huge part of the job for the Facilities Manager is to deal with customer complaints. Components breaking, not working as intended, or not working to the satisfaction of the user. And constantly dealing with these dissatisfied users can be exhausting.

When it comes to HVAC, the main duty is to keep a pleasant indoor temperature. However, you can’t please everybody. With conditioning and ventilation, you also have certain nonnegotiable requirements to uphold which may conflict with the goal of delivering comfort. It’s difficult to juggle all of these factors, so what often happens is a situation where many uncomfortable users are stuck feeling helpless and left out.

A System that Senses: Revolutionizing HVAC with IoT

An effective HVAC system needs an awareness of occupancy and user comfort. Without this info, the system will be guessing for the correct level of conditioning.

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