Human Resources

Encouraging employees to provide meaningful input directly into the HVAC system will keep the work environment more harmonious and productive.

For those in human resources, a pleasant work environment is a powerful tool for recruiting new workers, and keeping existing ones happy.

Workplace Harmony

We hold the quality of human experience to be highly important, so our system begins around user comfort. Traditionally, control over the air is set up like a monarchy where a single entity is the sole decider. With our application, users can self report their comfort level, which will directly factor into the thermal control system to provide the optimum temperature level. Applying Big Data in an IoT platform, we create a democracy out of the indoor temperature.


In a workspace where workers feel they have a say in their own comfort, there will be less sources of complaint and discontent which is great for human resources. Collectively, workers will be united and engaged in their surroundings with our system. This can help in creating a more involved and connected workplace community. Where workers feel their input is important and ready to be heard.

The Distraction of Discomfort

Why do businesses invest so much money in making our work environments comfortable? Before anything else, it is because we care about the quality of human experience. We care about how our workers feel while they are at work. Without the distraction of discomfort, people can just work while at work. They are more focused on their tasks, and thus are more productive. And who doesn’t want workers that are more happy, focused and productive?


The office is more harmonious when there are less causes of potential friction and irritation. There are a great number of benefits to having comfortable workers. Satisfied workers create a more satisfied work culture where they look forward to work. On the other hand, it’s frustrating to feel helpless to your condition. Yet often that is the case for people who don’t find indoor weather agreeable.

A System that Senses: Revolutionizing HVAC with IoT

An effective HVAC system needs an awareness of occupancy and user comfort. Without this info, the system will be guessing for the correct level of conditioning.

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