The Solution

Our comprehensive system of sensing, prediction, and control will deliver the perfect balance of comfort and energy savings for your building

Smart and Informed

Utilizing big data and machine learning, our IoT based system works on 4 levels to deliver the optimum HVAC output balancing energy savings and user comfort. Occupancy and comfort sensing IoT tech opens the opportunity for a more aware HVAC. Machine learning prediction of user preference and behavior allows for huge gains in efficiency. Big data-driven control finds a balanced route of action. Energy price-optimized output delivers your air with efficiency and comfort in mind.

Energy Savings

Optimized output results in HVAC energy usage decreasing by 30% on average.

User Comfort

Satisfaction with indoor climate increased from 75% dissatisfied to 80% satisfied.


Intelligent Sensors

We have wireless, self-powered and easy to install people counting sensors that can determine real-time occupancy in each room.


User Comfort App

Allows people to vote their current thermal comfort, along with data driven models that learn user preference and can anticipate voting patterns if conditions were to change.



Models derived from machine learning can estimate future occupancy and user comfort based on the current state of the building. These can also predict future occupancy and comfort requirements for different time horizons



Combines prediction model output, together with energy pricing and current/forecasted weather to control HVAC system, minimizing energy while satisfying user constraints.



Controls the speed of the AHU fans, the positions of the valves in the economizer, the discharge temperature and temperature set points at the VAV levels and the ventilation levels. In short,utilizes HVAC components to provide the optimal output.

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