Why Choose Alsen

We have the solution that works on multiple levels to deliver better HVAC for everyone.

Our unique solution will help you reach your goals whether you are trying to reduce your energy bill, increase your comfort, or both.

Here you can find some of our

Competitive Advantages

Comfort and Occupancy Sensing

Using our methods of sensing, we prioritize our IoT tech for energy savings and user comfort. Our wireless thermal sensors record real time occupancy which allows for precise and efficient delivery of HVAC. Our application allows for self reporting of user comfort which directly factors into the system to deliver the most comfortable air for all. With these sensing methods, we enable large organizations to decide their preferred balance between saving energy and providing user comfort.

Data Driven Prediction

Humans are predictable and we tend to stick to habitual patterns of behavior. Alsen utilizes the data provided by the thermal sensors and comfort app to create models that allow us to accurately predict future occupancy and comfort levels. Applying machine learning to big data, accurate prediction models provide more tools in striking the desired balance between HVAC energy savings and user comfort. Sensing offers great advantages in the short term, but prediction opens up long term efficiency and effectiveness.

Energy Pricing Optimization

Energy pricing is not constant throughout the day. Factors like time and demand influence how much you pay. Much of this is out of an organization’s control. Our technology factors in the fluctuating price of energy to optimize the HVAC system around reducing costs as much as possible. We can bring down your total average consumption, slash usage during known periods of high prices, and reduce your peak demand all working to lower your energy bill.

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