knowing where people are and how they feel
allows you to save energy while improving their comfort

Benefits for your organization

Up to 42% HVAC energy savings, 95% people's comfort satisfaction

Energy Saving

Alsen improves building efficiency and comfort by collecting and synthesizing unique operational data to drive smarter control of heating, cooling, and ventilation processes, while preserving occupant privacy.

User Comfort

With humans-in-the-loop incorporating direct user feedback, our system ensures comfort for all


By dramatically reducing energy spent on HVAC, our technology will also help your organization to reduce the carbon footprint.

We help
with large

to reduce their HVAC energy bill up to 40% while significantly improving users’ comfort from 25% to 80% satisfied.

Our mission is to Increase building energy efficiency and occupant comfort by enhancing building management systems with smart sensors, mobile apps, and artificial intelligence.

“Alsen saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint, while making life more comfortable and sustainable”

Solutions for Every Perspective

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For those seeking to keep users comfortable and complaint-free
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Our technology improves upon the primary duty of any HVAC system: maintaining a personalized comfortable temperature. We do this by maximizing and automatizing HVAC.
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If expanding sustainability and reducing energy usage are your priorities
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Our system incorporates real time occupancy data along with user-reported comfort data to optimize HVAC energy usage.
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Looking for new, innovative ways to reduce costs?
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Less energy usage means more money savings for your business. Our technology delivers HVAC energy savings of up to 40% translating to a significantly reduced energy bill.
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Human Resources

Seeking to create a more inviting working environment?
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With real-time user feedback integrated in our system, we can deliver the best possible temperature so that employees will be more happy and productive.
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